Scholarship Goals

The University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics sincerely APPRECIATES the over 10,000 PATRONS who support Fighting Illini student-athletes through the purchase of season tickets and making charitable contributions. Through their financial and loyal support, Illinois Athletics is able to achieve outstanding results in the classroom and fields of competition.

To continue - and grow - on those successes, Illinois Athletics needs the COLLECTIVE GENEROSITY from all alumni, fans and friends specifically supporting the I FUND to meet the scholarship needs of 500+ Fighting Illini student-athletes.

During fiscal year 2014, the I FUND had a $3.5 MILLION GAP in fulfilling the costs of student-athlete scholarships. Financial resources from other revenues sources such as ticket sales and the B1G Conference are currently being used to meet those scholarship needs. This scholarship funding deficit in turn impacts resources that can be otherwise used to enhance the critical areas of RECRUITING, ACADEMIC SUPPORT, FACILITY ENHANCEMENTS, TRAVEL and EQUIPMENT.

The following charts provide a historical and current perspective on Illini Athletics scholarship costs and I FUND gift support. Thank you for your consideration in MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the future of the Fighting Illini.

2014-2015 (thru April 2015)
$11.3 Million
$7.4 Million
4,900 Donors
$10.7 Million
$7.2 Million
5,200 Donors
$9.7 Million
$7.6 Million
5,900 Donors
$8.5 Million
$8.5 Million
6,700 Donors
2019-2020 (Projection)
$14.4 Million
$15 Million
15,000 Donors

  Scholarship Costs

  I FUND Gifts

  Number of Donors

Fighting Illini student-athletes need your support to help bridge the gap between scholarship costs and annual I FUND gifts. To make an IMPACT, it only takes $50 to join the I FUND.


*Gift dollars and number of donors based on allocation to the I FUND only within the fiscal year. Figures do not include donors or gifts made to capital campaign funds, endowment funds, sport operational funds or premium seating funds.

Conference Comparisons

$13.2 Million
Average annual fund amount raised by B1G member

Average number of annual donors by B1G member

$20.5 Million
Average annual fund amount raised by Big XII member

Average number of annual donors by Big XII member

$20 Million
Average annual fund amount raised by SEC member