Benefit Allocation

Members are welcome to make I FUND contributions at any point throughout the year. However, if you have interest in securing benefits listed throughout this website, please consider making your annual I FUND contribution by April 1. Members will be notified by the I FUND Office or the Illinois Ticket Office as benefits become available to donors.

In an effort to equitably serve I FUND donors, the allocation process to determine priority for tickets, parking and event invitations is based on two factors:

1. I FUND Annual Giving Level

 Hall of Fame$500,000/$10,000*
 Loyalty Circle Platinum$50,000
 Loyalty Circle Gold$30,000
 Loyalty Circle Silver$15,000
 Loyalty Circle Bronze$10,000
 Block I$6,000
 Illini Nation$50

*Lifetime giving of $500,000 AND current I FUND contribution of $10,000 or greater

2. Priority points within each I FUND annual giving level

Priority Points are awarded based on three factors

1) Cumulative lifetime donation to the I FUND

1 point per $1

2) Consecutive years of football season ticket purchase*

1,000 points per consecutive year

3) Consecutive years of men's basketball season ticket purchase*

1,000 points per consecutive year

*Failure to renew your football or men's basketball season tickets in any given year will result in your priority points for that sport to be reset to zero.